How can you extend brand excellence across basic sales tools?



FutureAdvisor makes high quality personalized investment advice available to everyone.

Competencies used
  • Marketing
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design

The Problem

As FutureAdvisor grew their B2B presence, they noticed they were not bringing the same brand-excellence forward in every marketing piece. Often overlooked is a business development presentation - however, it’s one of the first pieces that potential partners see. We helped by building a fully-branded and robust PowerPoint and Keynote template that their sales staff can now use and customize in a matter of minutes.

Guiding Principle

Quality is in the details.

The Process

Understand the need

Much like a marketing site, a presentation needs to be user-focused. The FutureAdvisor brand needed to come through just as strongly as it would there in these presentations to potential partners. The business development team needed to be able to customize these for each partner, in little time and without having to rely on a design team.

Utilize real content

Good design and business goals are always married. We looked at the presentations that were being given, and talked about what was working and how they could be improved. We then built templates for over 25 different use cases. Each slide had features like custom bullets, graphs and charts, drag and drop product images, and brand value propositions. Utilizing actual copy instead of placeholder copy allowed for us to get spacing right and take into consideration all of the finite ways each slide could be used. To allow for this customization and ease, we built right in the presentation tools themselves, instead of developing flats and then placing them into PowerPoint or Keynote.

Test with business development staff

The most influential part of this process was testing our templates with several members of their business dev team. If it didn’t work for them, then we had not succeeded. The presentations didn’t only have to look good, they had to be content rich, functional, and easy to use. We embraced all of their feedback, from big picture items all the way down to granular details.

Provide direction

We succeeded in providing a well-designed and content-rich presentation, but we took it one step further by preparing a guide to be used in tandem with the templates. This provides FutureAdvisor staff a quick reference for font choice, color hierarchy, color values, title and header sizes, and how to utilize charts and graphs. This ensures that any user, on any team, will have a cohesive look and feel for each and every presentation they build.

The Outcome

FutureAdvisor can now extend their brand language to presentations without the headache.